One of the biggest MYTHS is that eating healthy requires lots of time in the kitchen, prep work, and skills! This simply isn't the case, and I'm on a mission to prove it. I love food, GOOD FOOD, but where I desire to allot my time IS NOT in the kitchen. Click Here and join me for SHORT INGREDIENT LIST RECIPES!! You never knew it could be so easy! I am the "Anti-Cook Girl"
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Personal Training is not always about losing weight or aspiring to a model physique. Elderly clients often need balance and strength training to walk confidently and avoid falling. Others seek relief from lower back pain. Knee and shoulder issues are all too common but remedied with simple protocols. I've helped rehab clients after surgery, while others have been able to avoid surgery! 
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LET ME TAKE YOU TO THE NEXT LEVEL . . .   Personal training in Montgomery, AL & Diet programs 


Two hours in the gym with me is a great start and will certainly produce results, but for many years I wished I could coach my clients beyond those hours, giving them daily motivation, the latest health tidbits, and so much more. Their results could be even so much more amazing!
But the reality is most do not have the money for such an indulgence, until now… 
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 Mary-Aileen McLemore

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I'm a firm believer that the quality of an environment can make or break one's mission to fulfill goals. You may have stopped and started many times in your pursuit of health. Today that stops with me. This time you are going to get it right and finally conquer your mountain. I invest in each of my clients and give them an environment filled with motivation, inspiration, accountability, and most of all, my leadership. 
If you're sincerely committed to change and are ready to put aside your excuses, then I can take you to the next fitness level!