​           Food, Stress, & Health Accountability sessions   

Sessions are 30 minutes virtual 

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We all have different reasons why we can't lose the weight.

Sometimes it's lack of knowledge about healthy foods. For others it is the daily life stressors that throw them off course. Do you want to learn how to detach from stress and emotional eating? Do you want to learn how to fix quick easy food that fills you up? Do you simply hate to cook? Are you always on the go?

One solo 30 minute session a week will complement your exercise program, give you accountability, and accelerate your results.

6 weeks minimum recommended

 Mary-Aileen McLemore

- Personal Training and Pilates -

Sample Session Discussion topics 

Vegetables & Fruits- Quantity matters. Quick fixes and tricks + examples. Satiety fixes.

How to fit in exercise with a crazy or unpredictable schedule. Overcoming the “I don’t wanna”/ procrastination attitude. 

Staying motivated, the mental game. 

What organization has to to with weight loss.  

Tools to overcoming blah and frustrated feelings that cause us to stress eat. 

(Please note, I am NOT a nutritionist or dietitian and do not write diet plans)