Mary-Aileen McLemore


Personal Training is not always about losing weight. Elderly clients often need balance and strength training to walk confidently and avoid falling. Others seek relief from lower back pain. Knee and shoulder issues are all too common, and I've helped rehab clients after surgery, while others have been able to avoid surgery!

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  • ​​​​She's amazing- started me on a journey to a 40 pound loss. I've never felt better! Call her. 

         - Carolyn E. age 41 and mother of 2​   

  • Mary-Aileen has been my trainer for many months and has been working with me three days per week during that time. I am 77 years old and have noticed a marked and significant improvement in my stamina and balance thanks to her strenuous and persistent instructions. She's the best!!                                      

          - Billy H. age 77

  • I have always been active, however I really could not get a grasp on how to take my exercise to the next level. Mary-Aileen taught me how to change up my routine, what exercises compliment each other, how to have proper form, when to increase your weight limits, and most importantly how to enjoy my time in the gym. I have defined difficult areas like abs and thighs and have gone down 2 sizes in clothing! I am much more confident when wearing a swimsuit. I've learned to spend my time in the gym wisely and efficiently. DO IT RIGHT! 

          - Kimberly Baker, age 46 and mother of 3​​​

  • Core training with Mary-Aileen has moved me from the need of major back surgery recommended by 3 physicians to a normal, active, and pain free existence!  Now 69 years old, I never had the surgery but the strengthening of core muscles and stretching has helped me to feel stronger and more comfortable than I have felt for years. This type of support is crucial for everyone but particularly for seniors for good bone and other structural health. Sacrificing a little time and energy offers a much greater payback.  

          - Edie Hunker, age 69

  • I’ve trained with M.A. for over a year, and at age 64, I am stronger than I have ever been. Using a variety of innovative techniques, she sets achievable goals. She encourages her clients in a positive, professional  setting.  My decision to train with M.A. has been a lifestyle changer that has empowered me to set higher goals for myself.

          - Joy Faulkner, age 64​

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