Up To Date Certifications

To offer the best service to my clients, I stay up to date with continuing education courses every year. I've been in the fitness industry since 2008 and have held a personal training certification through the National Exercise Trainers Association since 2010. I believe that exercise and proper nutrition are crucial to one's overall well being- BODY, MIND, & SPIRIT. Our physical health affects our mental health and the reverse of that is true as well!You've only got one body, one vessel to use to get through life. You won't regret investing in personal training and wellness coaching to find your best self.

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    My Specialties   

  • weight loss and muscle gains
  • old injuries- i.e. knees, shoulders
  • senior mobility, strength, balance
  • teen girls- body image & eating habits
  • wellness coaching
  • nutritional guidance
  • general lifestyle overhaul

​​Newest Offering! Virtual Personal Training

Offered via FaceTime and Google Duo. Since 2020 this has become the most popular offering. This is NOT an aerobic class. The workout is catered to your needs- rehabilitation to muscle building. Solo sessions and small group options. Working out on a live call gives you accountability (unlike pre-recorded videos), time efficiency, and flexible time slots.


 Mary-Aileen McLemore

- Personal Training and Pilates -

Why Personal Training?

Chances are you have been inconsistent with your exercise routine. You are not alone! Many people struggle and the reason is often simple- they have yet to find a program that is enjoyable for the long term. This can change. Through my guidance and creativity we will discover healthy foods and exercise you really "DO" like!

Medicine and exercise balls, Pilates, resistance bands, free weights, body weight, plyometrics- my arsenal is never dull and always changing!


​My personal training service gives you the extra push that you will never give yourself. It is that PUSH that makes the body change.​​